Upon receiving your application, will create a soft credit inquiry, only visible to you.  Soft credit pulls are not known to have an impact on your credit score.  This inquiry is primarily used to obtain financial history for the purpose of determining the amount of funds we’ll be authorized to extend to you for a 0% installment plan.  Most plans range from 4-6 months.  Payments will be deducted via ACH payment process using your approved checking account.  Accounts are subject to late fees should an account installment payment not be approved.  All accounts require a first payment of $275.00 applied to the balance extended upon disbursement of funds.

You are solely responsible for any personal information, images, identification you provide to procure or maintain our service with you. You agree to indemnify Ironcross Financial, affiliates, agents, partners, and employees, harmless from, and against any liability, damages, loss, expenses, and cost which including any reasonable attorney’s fees because of your user content you may have supplied to Ironcross Financial.

Prospective clients must be 18 years of age, a U.S Citizen, and provide a state I.D. for verification purposes, and must meet criteria of having full-time employment, and an active checking account.

All information you provide is kept in a secure location with polices in place to handle sensitive personal, and banking information. Account and routing numbers are encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Ironcross Financial is not a direct lender, but a payment plan servicing agent for approved legal companies.